The 411 on Case Studies

spwordHow do you spread the word that your product or service really does work? Case studies.

While there are many strategies to get the word out about your successful products/services, case studies can be one of the most valuable in terms of solid proof your product/service works. Similar to testimonials, they provide a third party look at a product/service, but provide a more in-depth exploration of how something worked or performed for their particular need.

How do we define a case study? A case study is a detailed, in-depth look at how a product or service works in an application setting. It may include challenges, goals and success of working with a product or service.

Why are case studies important? Case studies provide a third party endorsement and proof of how products and/or services work in “real life”. They help consumers see the true story about the product/service. Case studies can help build confidence in what a product/service delivers, as well as in the brand and/or company. Essentially, they demonstrate that the products/services are actually delivering on their value propositions.

How can we use case studies? Case studies are typically used in one or more of four ways:

1.   Develop news releases highlighting the case study and distribute on the news wire and to relevant media contacts.

2.   Develop marketing collateral highlighting the case study (e.g. website, brochures).

3.   Secure editorial placement of a case study as a feature article in publications and websites.

4.   Depending on the product/service, secure photography and/or video. This may include interviews with the end-user.

Need a firm example? Check out our case studies to see how they can be used in marketing collateral.


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