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Where Are Your Key Influencers Hiding?

We have been tapping influencers for many years from celebrities to athletes, media, bloggers, YouTube stars and more. But recently influencer marketing has become a buzzword in the public relations and marketing world. And rightfully so; key influencers can help support your public relations, marketing,...


Three Steps to Evaluate a Blogger

With millions of blogs it can be a challenge to determine what blogs to invest your time and money. This is precisely why we recommend the following three-step approach. 1. Review the blog content and consider the following: content, voice and interaction. Is the blog well...


Blogger Communication Etiquette

Bloggers are their own unique target audience. They are not media and they are not your typical consumer. So it is important when conducting a blogger relations campaign to follow the proper etiquette. 1. Build relationships: Blogger relations is about building long-term relationships with bloggers. Consider...