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Illegal Alien Will Not Make the Halloween Costume Top 10 List

Retailers including Target, Walgreens and eBay have pulled an illegal alien costume from online and retail stores after complaints from immigrant-rights activists.  The costume featured an orange prison jumpsuit, green card and space alien mask.  20091020023324108

It seems that nothing really surprises me anymore, but how did this costume get into the stores in the first place?  Did the buyer think it was funny or did it just get overlooked?  According to Target, it was a data entry error (sounds unlikely to me).

Nonetheless, at least retailers like Target, Walgreens and eBay listened to consumers, reacted immediately and pulled the costume from their stores.   Next Halloween, I’m sure these retailers will be paying closer attention to what costumes they sell.

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GM Selling Cars on eBay – Will it Last?

Consumers have been selling used cars, boats, vans, etc. on eBay for some time.  In fact, about 6 or 7 years ago, a client of ours purchased a fleet of work vans from eBay.  My husband even drove to Alabama (I refused to go) to get a boat he purchased off eBay a few years ago.  However, it came as quite a shock to me that GM is selling new cars on eBay.  The program is currently limited to California, but GM hopes to expand it nationwide.

Industry opponents argue that people will still want to go to the dealership to see, feel and drive a new car.  That is true if a consumer doesn’t know what he or she wants, but if you know exactly what you want to purchase, why not try the eBay model?  You really don’t have anything to lose.  According to an article in The Washington Post the “buy it now” price will be less than the sticker price, but will be set by individual dealers.

GM has actually selected an opportune time to test the online model with online retail sales expected to hit $156 billion in 2009 (an 11% growth over 2008) according to Forrester.

Americans have grown accustom to purchasing consumer products online.  Even products where personal attention is important, like prescription drugs or medical supplies, or products where touching and feeling is important, like furniture and jewelry has not stopped consumers from purchasing these products online.  I suspect this will be the same case with purchasing cars off the Internet.  It will be the right fit for some, but others will still prefer the dealerships.  However, we will likely see this online model become more common among car manufacturers.

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