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If You Ain't Living On The Edge, You're Taking Up Too Much Space

To begin, I must confess that this tagline was originally used to convince my college roommate to make irresponsible decisions. This mantra, however, to my amusement, is finding application in our industry today. With marketing constantly evolving, we must be willing to take thoughtful risks with...

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Email Marketing: Put Yourself in Your Own Shoes

That’s definitely not how the saying goes, “in my own shoes,” what? Okay, give me a chance to explain. When it comes to formulating a strategy, we should always look for first-hand experiences to aid us in creating our plan. Cluttered inboxes are a reality...

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Email Marketing: Don’t Hit Send Until You Ask These 5 Questions

Inboxes are constantly overfilled with clutter, so how do you break through? Start by asking yourself these five questions before hitting send: Is my preview text engaging? There is a strong correlation between a good subject line and high open rates, but preview text (the line of...