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Is LinkedIn Becoming the Next Facebook?

What Gives with LinkedIn? Mental challenges, nostalgic photos and other non-business related posts are creeping into LinkedIn feeds. Yet this content is receiving quite a bit of engagement. A few recent examples are below. Be sure to note the engagement. Is LinkedIn the place for this content?...


Free Tool for Scheduling Posts on Instagram

Managing Instagram can be a challenge for marketers – the platform has limited desktop tools and doesn’t allow its API to be accessed by third party platforms. This prevents scheduling posts ahead of time and makes managing engagement a little tricky. Plus, it’s difficult to...


Will Facebook Survive Beyond 2025? I Wouldn't Bet The Farm On It.

Had a great lunch meeting yesterday with one of my favorite young entrepreneurs (no names please), that ended with a brief debate: What's the projected lifespan of Facebook, five years or 50? I love these kinds of discussions. They are right up there with "What is...