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FTC Guidelines for Social Media

In March of 2013, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released the first update to the .com Disclosures guide, which illustrates how to make effective disclosures in digital advertising. 1. The FTC requires disclosure and truthfulness in social media. This applies to traditional online advertising (e.g....


8 Ways to Determine a Blog’s Value

You probably have a good sense for which trade and consumer publications are most influential in your industry and among consumers.  But with blogs, it’s not so cut and dry. How do you know which blogs to target and which blogs to send product to?  Following...


Did Ann Taylor Follow New FTC Guidelines?

Ann Taylor Loft recently issued an invitation to bloggers to preview the retailer’s summer collection, rewarding bloggers who posted about the new line by including them in a gift card drawing.  Was Ann Taylor Loft in compliance with the new FTC blogger regulations? Kayleigh Fitch, blogger...