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Savvy Bloggers are Shifting the Product Review Landscape

The landscape of blogger relations and product review campaigns is changing. Through our ongoing work with bloggers - from mommy bloggers to baking bloggers, fitness bloggers, weight loss bloggers, DIY bloggers, and bloggers with diabetes - we have seen a significant shift in how bloggers...


Are Banana Peels Your Next Billboard?

During lunch yesterday, I discovered a pretty interesting sticker right on my banana.  It was oddly shaped, with a QR code and website with a simple call to action: “Turn me into yonanas”. Intrigued, I visited and learned about a new kitchen gadget that can...


6 Tips for More Impactful Blog Reviews

Earlier this year we shared 8 Ways to Determine a Blog’s Value.   Here are six tips to drive more influential blogger reviews: 1.  Set expectations. You are sending a product sample to a blogger for review.  Develop a personal letter that thanks the blogger for his...