" I’m at a loss for words. What we pulled off together was nothing short of incredible. I don’t think I’m overstating this… "

Jamie E. Finley

Regional Marketing Director

" Well, we did it… Thank you for all your work and attention to detail. "

Sarah Ferguson

The Dutchess of York [Spokesperson]

" It’s no small achievement to get the kind of turnout we did for our welcoming breakfast at Jacob’s Field. Everyone here was pleased with the way the Grand Opening day went, and much of this is attributable to the professionalism and extra effort of Sweeney. "

Thomas L. Mammoser

Director -- Corporate Communications

" Through the course of my career, I’ve encountered numerous agencies – large and small, boutique and full service. Without question, Sweeney has always proven to be the best partner because of its ability to provide the perfect blend of strategic support and tactical execution capabilities. "

Samantha Franck

Vice President

" Sweeney is absolutely wonderful to work with. When I need PR services in the future, Sweeney will remain at the top of my list. "

Susan L. Dowdy

Program Director -- Planning Considerations Seminar Series

" You were an invaluable asset and an absolute pleasure to work with. Your attention to details, timeless and “can do’ attitude was a welcome addition to the team. "

Shelly Sweedler


" I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your help before, during and after the Junior Ryder Cup. I should not be surprised, though. You guys always play well in big games. "

Tim Rogers

Sports Writer

" Cleveland WEWS TV5, WJW FOX 8 and WOIO 19 and 43 gave the Westfield Junior PGA Championship significant time. … There’s only so much of that time for golf and we made the cut during British Open week. Sweeney Sports Marketing worked very hard on our behalf on media relations … and they do a great job for us. "

Gary Christy

Director, Marketing/Communications

" Sweeney created and launched a blogger relations campaign that resulted in significant online coverage, produced links to our web site and drove traffic that generated sales. "

Libby Gerberi

Marketing Manager

" Sweeney demonstrates public relations expertise as well as a keen understanding of Summa’s corporate culture and our public relations goals. "

Patrice Lange

V.P. Corporate Support and Strategic Planning

" We depend on Sweeney to step into projects and get the job done regardless of the situation – time constraints, budget limitations, insufficient data…
I cannot thank Sweeney enough for its support and high level of creative and account service that is too often taken for granted. "

Kathleen Richardson

Manager -- Marketing Communications

" On every project with Sweeney, we received outstanding quality of work and a timely, efficient response to our needs. "

Sue Safos

Communications Program Manager

" Sweeney has consistently met or exceeded our goals to build community support and store traffic through a wide range of marketing communications activities implemented in a cost-effective environment. "

John F. Geisse

Chairman and CEO

" All of Sweeney’s programs for Peerless have been well planned, meticulously researched, and professionally executed with impressive attention to detail. "

Catherine Larose

Director -- Marketing and Advertising

" Sweeney always goes the extra mile to include or develop additional value to all projects. With each opening, projects were implemented on time and always right on budget. They always spend extra time with us ensuring we understand and agree with every step that is taken. "

Debbie Greenhouse

Regional Marketing Director

" Sweeney worked diligently to get me the information I needed on demographic research and our competition which I was unable to accomplish under such tight time constraints. "

Sharon K. Neura

Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations

" The agency demonstrates a keen understanding of our corporate culture, our business goals, and the financial realities of our marketing programs. Sweeney consistently helps to make our job easier. "

Thomas Neumann

Manager, Marketing Services

" Kudos on your hard work pertaining to the sport of NASCAR. Westfield is lucky to have you on their team. "

Jim Tucker

Senior Account Manager, Industry Marketing